Welcome to the World of Desktop Strippers

VirtuaGirl is the Number 1 Sexy Software in the World! It is the ultimate software for anybody who wants to spice up his computer desktop.

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DeskBabes is the ultimate Software for users tired of using boring screensavers. Watch Girls Making Out right on your Desktop!

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Jordan 500 is a small town girl dreamin about an acting career in a big city. You are the key in her life and take all the big decisions for her from being an actor to being a prostitute.

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What are desktop strippers?

The old desktop can get a bit boring now and then.
We've all tried different ways of spicing it up, sexy wallpapers, fun screensavers and assorted wacky desktop themes. But none of these match the virtual desktop strippers for the thrill of having a hot lady strip on your desktop as you're waiting for that file to download. This is what the Virtuagirl program does for you. It will change the way you look at your desktop!


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Jordan 500
Decide what life you want for Jordan is a big challenge in the way that all your actions will interefer with her future. You have 100 days to find true love, find success as a movie star or become the best whore in town!   More